API Media Innovations specializes in the design, build, and integration AV/IT systems and the support services that ensure your technology investment and organization is functioning at full efficiency.

From consulting services and technology planning to full time staffing solutions, API Media Innovations has services offerings for an assortment of your AV/IT needs. A basic service level agreement may be all that your company need to make sure that systems are running at full efficiency or maybe your company is in need of an onsite staffing solution that handles all internal AV/IT initiatives.


System Design & Consulting

Technology changes at an alarming rate and companies often struggle to keep their communication systems current and functioning at optimal efficiency. Keeping up with the Jones’s and planning for the future is becoming more difficult as new technologies continue to get introduced what seems to be every other day.

API Media Innovations can help companies evaluate their existing technology environments and assist with developing a technology strategy based on their specific needs and future growth plan. A comprehensive technology plan needs to focus on standardization, user experience, maintenance programs and training, in addition to technology lifecycle planning. The result is not only upgraded technology, but an improved user experience and an increase in adoption which yields higher efficiency and a greater return on your technology investment.

Contact API Media Innovation if your company is in need of establishing a comprehensive technology plan that takes advantage of our knowledge base, processes, and efficiencies.

• AV/IT Consulting

• System Design

• Unified Communications Plan

• Project Management


Staffing Solutions

API Media Innovations hires, trains and provides a career path for AV/IT technicians. When you need help building your onsite technical staff, we can find knowledgeable audiovisual and information technology experts to make sure your technology and company is in good hands.

Audiovisual, communications and collaboration technology systems have become business critical tools. Companies lose precious time and valuable resources when a conference room, collaboration suite, or video conferencing room is not functioning properly. All too often level one support is performed by a member of the desktop support team who then engages an outside expert to come in evaluate and hopefully fix the problem. This process can take hours if not days.

Our staffing solutions team recruits, hires, manages and maintains the professional certifications of industry professionals who, instead of reporting to our office every day, report to yours where they coordinate room scheduling, set up meetings, launch high profile conferences, perform preventative maintenance and much more. Having API Media Innovations as part of your technology strategy has many benefits to consider when exploring technology staffing solitons.

Our Staffing Solutions includes;

• One or more full-time technicians specifically trained in AV/IT support

• Full staffing 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year

• All benefits

• Backed up by API Media personnel pool in the event of an absence

• Backed up by API Media technical expertise


Support & Maintenance

In cases where on-site staffing solutions are not pliable, API Media Innovations offers a world-class service team that is available when system and component failures or glitches occur. Our highly trained staff is tasked with minimizing downtime and resolving technical issues as quickly as possible, while minimizing service disruptions. We encourage clients to care for their technological investment by having preventative maintenance performed on a regular schedule. Preventative maintenance is essential to help prolong the life of most equipment.

We know you don’t have time to slow down for technology malfunctions. When you rely on AV/IT systems to keep your company or organization running smoothly, the last thing you should have to deal with are maintenance issues. That’s why we offer Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). For continued equipment and audiovisual service, we have detailed, flexible plans to eliminate frustrating troubleshooting headaches and put the responsibility for upkeep completely on us.

As soon as you sign an SLA, you have instant access to our full-service audiovisual integration team. Benefits and services include:

• Unlimited end-user telephone support

• Equipment cleaning and testing

• Emergency loan equipment (when available)

• Lamp monitoring and preventative maintenance

• Quarterly service

• Anytime service calls

• Rapid-response service calls


Multimedia Production

API Media Innovations offers design and multimedia production services to fulfill a multitude of collateral needs, but the primary responsibility of this department is to assist with the creation of content to be displayed on our digital signage networks. From graphic design and layouts to video production and photography services, API Media is capable of providing a turnkey solution for your digital corporate communication goals.

The communicative power of digital signage not only relies on monitor placement, but more importantly on the dynamic content being displayed. Designers need to make sure that messages are easy to read, how many visual aids are included, the selection of colors, is the primary message being conveyed. Our production team will help to create the ultimate designs to help deliver your information to your target audience in the most efficient and effective way.

• Graphic Design

• Presentations

• Video Production

• Photography

• Application Development

• Interactive Design & Programming


Content Management

As a company’s corporate communication systems and their library of media assets continue to grow, the need for a comprehensive media management system becomes essential for delivering content to the right place and at the right time. It is paramount that the delivery of sales and marketing collateral, corporate communications, and event information is managed so that viewers stay informed and that the company’s image is not negatively affected. A digital signage network with blank screens or with outdated information being broadcasted throughout the business or campus environment can be disruptive to the user experience as well as damaging to a corporate image.

There are many different types of digital signage systems and content management solutions in the marketplace. API Media Innovations can help you to decide what solution is the best fit for your company and your communication initiatives. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate through the digital universe and help you decide on best solutions for your company.