The defining lines that once segmented the audiovisual and information technology industries were blurred many years ago and API Media Innovations was one of the first companies to recognize that the future convergence of the two industries was undeniable. API Media Innovations has positioned themselves as a value-added solution provider to pioneer the AV/IT convergence industry.

Whether you need assistance with your existing infrastructure or you need help implementing new emerging technologies, API Media Innovations is capable of providing solutions and support for all AV/IT convergence projects.



API Media Innovations specializes in network design and structured cabling of all types of AV/IT infrastructure. We are leading the way for the design and installation of voice, data, and video communication networks for business, public spaces, and mission-critical operations requiring a secure link between headquarters and branch offices, partners, and suppliers.

Whether relying on an existing shared network or building a dedicated network, API Media Innovations network architects will help to determine the best solution for your company or event initiatives.



API Media Innovations relies on a variety if IP based products that ensure optimal delivery of audiovisual content over any network segment or link. These networked AV/IT products can be deployed on an existing enterprise network or on a dedicated private network to elevate traffic stress. Our IPTV solution offerings include multiple options to control video and audio routing and end-point device control via IR, serial, switch closure, or TCP/IP.

A typical IPTV solution includes stable network infrastructure, various media sources, encoders, decoders, displays, media managers, and personnel to manage the network and media distribution.


Digital Signage

Digital signage has changed the way advertising, entertainment and information is delivered to the public. Private information networks keep people and information connected at live events, in hospitals, schools, corporations, and government locations with digital messaging, video-on-demand, and corporate communications. Content can be created easily and updated remotely which improves the flow of information to wherever employees gather or attendees roam.

API Media Innovations offers a full range of technology, software and services that allow you to implement your digital signage plan. From lobby displays and wayfinding systems to daily marketing promotions in retail environments, digital signage gives companies the power and flexibility for delivering content that is unmatched by print and broadcast media distribution.

Digital Signage has replaced traditional static signage in venues like;

• Welcome Centers

• Corporate Lobbies

• Educational Institutions

• Retail & Public Spaces

• Factory and Industrial Spaces

• Museum and Entertainment Exhibits

• Restaurants and Clubs

• Hospitality Locations

Systems can display a variety of media collateral including;

• Branding Collateral

• Event Information

• Menu Boards

• MyConcierge

• Scoring Channels

• Corporate Communications

• Wayfinding

• Welcome Messaging